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  • 一蘭を模倣した偽WEBサイトや店舗にご注意ください。

Beware of Counterfeit ICHIRAN Restaurants and Copycat Websites

In the past few years, there have been a number of restaurants that disguise themselves as ICHIRAN establishments, sometimes displaying an imitation logo similar to ours. Please be advised that we have no business relationship with these restaurants.

We directly manage all of our ICHIRAN restaurants and do not franchise any of our locations.

Related link:Our Franchise Policy

Copycat Websites

Although these websites are very similar to our site, they have no connection with ICHIRAN.

List of Official ICHIRAN Websites:

・ICHIRAN Official Website (this site)

・ICHIRAN Official Website (USA)

・ICHIRAN Official Online Store

Purchasing ICHIRAN Souvenir Merchandise

We cannot guarantee the quality and safety of products not purchased in official ICHIRAN restaurants or authorized retailers.
Please be sure to purchase ICHIRAN products at official ICHIRAN restaurants or authorized retailers.

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