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  • For all inquiries related to media, news, interviews, etc.

Contact Us

A contact system has been set up to deal with all manners of inquiries. Please select the type of inquiry and contact us.
Overseas inquiries should contact here:NY 香港 台湾

海外からのお問い合わせはこちらから [overseas_support@ichiran.com]

Privacy policy

Ichin Official App

For all inquiries related to media, news, interviews, etc.

取材をご希望の方は、広報宣伝宛てに以下メールアドレスまでご連絡ください。 なお、企画書等ございましたらあわせてご送付ください。

Promotion Department [Japan]:pr.jp@ichiran.com

Promotion Department [New York]:pr.ny@ichiran.com

Promotion Department [Hong Kong]:pr.hk@ichiran.com

Promotion Department [Taiwan]:pr.tw@ichiran.com


Guidelines for Filming/Live Streaming at ICHIRAN

If you plan to film or live stream at one of our restaurants for your online channel, contact us at the email below at least one (1) week before your filming date. Unauthorized photography is not allowed to protect the comfort of our guests.
Thank you for your understanding.

■Required Information

  • Please include the following information in your e-mail:​ ​
    1. Video content (theme)
    2. The restaurant you would like to visit
    3. Date and time you would like to visit(ご希望日の1週間前までにご連絡ください)
    4. Channel URL
    5. 電話番号
    6. ※We may refuse filming depending on the video content and restaurant conditions.
  • 動画を公開されるにあたり、事前に内容確認させていただきますようお願いいたします。

<Prohibited Actions>

  • 極度の大食い
  • 店舗にてご提供商品以外を加えて食べる行為(例:持参の調味料を追加するなど)
  • 食べ残し、嘔吐など
  • 客席を故意に汚すような召し上がり方
  • 他のお客様を撮影、大きな声を出す、行動スペースを多くとるなどの迷惑行為
  • 厨房や従業員通路内の撮影
  • 従業員の顔や名札など、個人情報が特定できる部分の撮影

Inquiries Regarding Video Filming:pr.jp@ichiran.com


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