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  • We always treasure the Heart & Mind of all colleagues.
  • We always do our best to improve ourselves as Human Beings.
  • We always take actions and use words that come from Love, not from Vanity
  • We always apply our knowledge intensively and work with precision.
  • We always try to improve our company, products & selves to promote ICHIRAN.

Cherishing employees in order to deliver the highest happiness to customers.

We believe that valuing employees is the beginning of a virtuous cycle that ensures customers will be provided with the best flavors and service.

If employees are content, go about their work with a sense of joy, and feel that they are valued, they will naturally value customers.

■ Valuing the spirits of employees and increasing their happiness.

Sincerely praising and recognizing company staff members. We believe that having true gratitude during our daily work is also essential.

Rather than focusing on money and objects, we also strive for optimal placement by carefully understanding each and every employee's skills.
To a reasonable degree, we consider each person's individual circumstances, respect their will, and think of them as family.


Assume, for example, that there were two people: one who says, "I want to be rich, so I'll become a doctor," and another who says, "I want to help others, so I'll become a doctor." Even if both become doctors, the former does so out of "greed," while the latter does so out of "love." Which is more beautiful?

We believe that all things in the world can be carried out through greed or love.

Could not one argue that, for instance, the world's historical buildings and artworks made out of greed have crumbled, while those made out of love have persisted?




一蘭社歌「See The World」

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