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This is amazing! Ichiran

The commitment is incredible

The temperature of each ingredient and utensil is carefully managed to maintain the temperature balance and ensure the taste of the ramen is at its most delicious. In order to keep the soup from cooling, the bowls are always warmed at a constant temperature. Each ingredient is always kept at the correct temperature, whether it's the soup stock, oils or soup, and the temperature is measured every 4 hours.
Also, only as much chashu (roasted pork fillets) as is needed is warmed in a special device, and it is never added to the ramen cold. Because very fresh onions bring down the temperature of the ramen, they are added last, just before serving. If additional onions, kikurage mushrooms or nori are ordered, we serve them on a separate dish so as not to affect the temperature of the ramen, and we carefully control the temperature until the last moment before serving to the customer.

Because every bowl we serve is the best it can be, in terms of the ingredients, manufacturing, and cooking, we will not compromise on the "beauty of presentation". When the ramen is served beautifully, the cooks compliment each other and help each other to enhance their skills.

Because "quality" is the most important factor when buying ingredients, we believe that every second counts and manage the order in which deliveries arrive, so that items that need it can be refrigerated as soon as possible. And in order to prevent the food from getting damaged, ingredients are not taken out of the refrigerator until the last possible moment.

"Soup stock" is kept in a pot at a constant temperature, and we maintain perfect taste quality, considering even the trace amount of steam that condenses on the lid.

We care about things that might seem pointless. For example, if chashu is mistakenly added to an order that doesn't include it, even if only for a split second, that ramen will be different from the customer's requested taste, so we will not serve it to the customer. In the same way, we would not serve a bowl where there was a mixup between green onions and white onions.


To keep the restaurant hygienic

At ICHIRAN, hygiene control is so thorough that you might think, "surely they don't have to go that far..."
Unfortunately, we can't make it public because it's a trade secret, but we maintain a level of cleanliness that would overturn the conventional image of a ramen shop.

一般的にラーメン店の厨房は、油でベトベトしていると思われがちですが、一蘭の厨房は常に清潔で徹底的に清掃されております。1時間毎、4時間毎、12時間毎、1日毎、1週間毎、2週間毎、1ヶ月毎...など、各清掃箇所によって清掃周期が定められており、清掃漏れのないようチェック体制を徹底しております。 清掃完了後は、to make sure nothing is missed.



In our stores, an employee of each store tastes the same ramen as the customers once every hour, and we keep all records of who ate and when. If we hear from a customer who has become unwell, we investigate the cause by checking with the employee who tasted at the same time on the same day. In addition to conducting thorough hygiene control, specialized employees go round all stores and periodically carry out various types of bacterial tests to prevent any bacterial proliferation. Thanks to these efforts, we have not had a single case of food poisoning or food hygiene incident since our business was founded.

Because moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria, there is hardly any on the floor of the kitchen. Even when draining the hot water from noodles, or when carrying washed dishes, we are careful not to let water get on the floor. If water does drop, we wipe it off quickly using a wiper installed in the kitchen, and it flows into a drain.

At ICHIRAN we believe that the important things when designing a store are selecting building materials that are less likely to lead to pest outbreaks and keeping the interior clean. In the unlikely event that a pest is found, not only do we exterminate that one culprit, but we also locate the nest and thoroughly eliminate all pests.


ICHIRAN's toilets are cleaned at least once every hour and toilet floors are cleaned once every 4 hours.
The staff frequently look around the toilets and clean up any dirt they find.

As well as after every work routine, staff are obliged to do it at least once every hour. In addition, all employees check the length of their fingernails before work. Not only before starting work but also after a break, staff wash their hands and use a sterile hand spray developed in-house before entering the kitchen. The hand spray was developed after a bacteriological examination staff member examined and compared various antiseptic solutions, and it has been introduces at all stores.

Every employee is provided with their own uniforms and they are obliged to wash them every day. Employees are prohibited from borrowing, lending or re-using their uniforms, and every employee works in a clean uniform every day.





In April 2015, ICHIRAN Inc. became the first ramen producer to ever receive the ISO22000 certification, which is an international accreditation certified by the PJR in relation to ingredients and food quality standards. ISO22000 is a standard that is implemented to protect the entire structure of the food chain (at every step from the producers of the ingredients all the way to the consumer). It is a standard developed by combining both ISO9001 and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) concepts. With this, our company's ramen-making system is now internationally recognized as being safe and secure.※PJR[リンク]調べによる(認証範囲:株式会社一蘭 お客様相談室、有限会社一蘭)


The establishment of a consistent quality and production management system from the point of manufacture to the point of sale is a critical requirement that the food industry is seeking to acquire more and more. Furthermore, as HACCP has moved to become compulsory internationally, ICHIRAN has moved forward more pro-actively by obtaining the ISO22000 qualification so that it will provide ICHIRAN with more momentum expanding its business overseas in the future.


Since our founding, ICHIRAN has sincerely strived to provide a ramen that is delicious, safe, and provides a deep feeling of satisfaction to the customer. This kind of daily patient effort continues to pay dividends, and now we are at the vanguard of the ramen industry by being the first to acquire ISO22000. Based on future international standards, we aim to improve the production and provision of our ramen as well as the satisfaction of our customers, and continue to provide safe and delicious ramen as the "#1 company that researches tonkotsu ramen the in the world".

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