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Ginza Ichiran

Classic Tonkotsu Ramen (GINZA Jubako)

An aromatic steam rises out of the Jubako bowl as you open the lid, arousing your appetite. Ever since our establishment, we have been committed to the perfecting the flavors of our ramen. A rich and creamy soup without the strong pork aroma that has been perfected over several decades and the red pepper based aged Original Spicy Red Sauce with a combination of over 30 different spices combine to create the sophisticated flavors of our ramen.

With GINZA ICHIRAN’s special chashu and noodles, we have created a brand new flavor for our ramen. A delicious bowl even the ICHIRAN connoisseurs will enjoy.​ ​



Address 104-0061​ ​
Wako Building B1, 8-3-11 Ginza, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo
電話 03-3574-5758
席数 · 24 counter-seats
駐車場 なし
営業時間 10:00~翌3:00
※混雑状況によっては、営業終了時間前であってもご入店できない場合がございます。 なお、混雑状況につきましては、店舗までお問い合わせください。 何卒ご理解とご協力のほど、よろしくお願い申し上げます。


Access Route​ ​​ ​ 600 meters from Sukiyabashi Intersection (Shimbashi direction)
・3 minute walk from Shimbashi Station (Exit A5) on JR East, Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway Lines
・4 minute walk from Toei Mita Line Uchisaiwaicho Station (Exit A5)
・9 minute walk from Toei Subway Ginza Station (Exit C3)​ ​

Smartphone only

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