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Shizuoka SBS street store

"The Classic Tonkotsu Ramen"

ICHIRAN is the most dedicated Ramen Company to the study of Tonkotsu Ramen in the whole World.

Instead of diversifying our menu, we concentrate only on Tonkotsu Ramen.

There are over 40 specialists involved in every single bowl. We always pursue a higher level of Ramen. We only offer the highest quality and the safest products, so you can fully enjoy the authentic deliciousness of Tonkotsu.

We wish to bring delight into your life. That is why every day we apply ourselves intensively at work, try new ideas and inventions, and care for the detail of everything involving your Ramen Experience.

First time at ICHIRAN

For information on how to use Ichiran, please watch the video below.


■ Notice


■ Closing time

Due to the request of the local government, it is necessary to close the store Business hours, so depending on the congestion situation, you may not be able to enter even before the closing time.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we ask for your understanding and cooperation regarding the stores that are operating with shortened hours as requested by the government.

※For In-facility store, store will be closed according to the facility's rest day schedule.
※There may be temporary closure due to store maintenance, etc. Please check updates onWhat's new
Address 〒422-8043
Telephone 054-689-7864
Number of Seats 29 counter-seats
・0 tables
・0 private dining rooms
*Child-friendly Environment (Utensils for children are available)
Parking Area 35 parking spots
  • ・天然とんこつラーメン(創業以来)(980円)
  • ・替玉(210円)
  • ・半替玉(150円)
  • ・半熟塩ゆでたまご(140円)
  • ・ごはん(250円)
  • ・小ごはん(200円)
  • ・追加チャーシュー(4枚)(260円)
  • ・追加ねぎ(130円)
  • ・きくらげ(130円)
  • ・追加にんにく(2片)(130円)
  • ・秘伝の辛味(11~20倍)(130円)
  • ・オスカランの酸味(130円)
  • ・のり(2枚)(130円)
  • ・煮こみ焼豚皿(490円)
  • ・脂解美茶(250円)
  • ・瓶ビール(小)(380円)
  • ・コーラ(200円)
  • ・オレンジジュース(200円)
  • ・抹茶杏仁豆腐(390円)


> アレルギー情報

Kids Ramen こちらの店舗では「お子様ラーメン」をご提供!
詳細は『Kids Ramen』をご覧ください。
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・クレジット決済:Visa、Master、JCB、American Express、Diners Club


Access Route​ ​​ ​ ・JR東海道本線「静岡駅」より車7分

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