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  • Isetan Kuala Lumpur KLCC Special Event Information

Experience ICHIRAN’s Ramen​ ​Focus Booths!
Enjoy​ ​ICHIRAN’s Specialty Souvenirs​ ​in Malaysia!

2020年3月13日(金)~2020年3月22日(日)の10日間、クアラルンプール伊勢丹 KLCCで名物おみやげ商品「一蘭ラーメン 100%とんこつ不使用」を調理してご提供いたします。こちらで提供するラーメンは、一蘭が開発に20年の時間を費やした、豚を一切使わない「100%とんこつ不使用ラーメン」のおみやげ商品です。期間中は一蘭おなじみの「味集中カウンター」が登場し、ラーメンの味をその場で心行くまで味わっていただけます。

Many Malaysians have repeatedly told us ”I want to eat ICHIRAN, but I don’t eat pork.” In response, we will provide our souvenir ramen in fully recreated Ramen Focus Booths. Be sure to stop by to try our rich broth made without pork. We will also have various other ICHIRAN tonkotsu ramen products available for purchase! Taste and compare the different ramen flavors!

Isetan Kuala Lumpur KLCC Special Event Information

Ramen Focus Booth
Date 13 March (Fri) –22 March (Sun)
※10Days Only
Location Isetan KLCC CF
Number of Seats 6(Ramen Focus Booth)
※Standing counter also available
Hours 11:00~20:00
Event Details Ramen stand, ramen kit store

A Pop Up in Diverse Malaysia

Many Japanese and international ramen fans dine in our restaurants in Japan everyday. Many of our foreign guests also purchase our ramen kits to bring the ICHIRAN flavor back home. We have also received many comments such as "I want to enjoy the taste of ICHIRAN overseas,“ or "I have never eaten ICHIRAN, and I want to try it." Malaysianswere especially vocal about bringing ICHIRAN closer to home. Malaysia, the “Gourmet Kingdom,” has had a rapidly growing food culture in recent years. With a growing awareness of Japanese cuisine, we wanted to provide authentic Japanese ramen to everyone in Malaysia with our temporary pop-up. Each bowl of ramen served will be made on-site by our expert artisans. Please visit us to experience for yourself ICHIRAN’s authentic Japanese omotenashi(hospitality).

ImageEnjoy the Famous ICHIRAN Souvenir
Ramen in a Ramen Focus Booth!


※Product Image

Item ICHIRAN Ramen 100% Tonkotsu-Free Ramen
※Limit of500Servings a day
Details 1 serving size of souvenir product(ICHIRANRamen: 100%Pork-FreeRamen) Cooked and served on site
Price RM22.00
Topping Scallions, Kikurage Mushrooms, Pinch of Original Spicy Red Seasoning

※Different from the ramen served at ICHIRAN restaurants.
※Noodles and soup are not served separately.
※Customers cannot choose the texture of noodles.
※For Ramen Focus Booth seating, please order 1 bowl per person.

ICHIRAN Merchandise Available for Purchase

ICHIRAN Ramen 100% Free of Tonkotsu (5 servings)

ICHIRAN Ramen 100% Free of Tonkotsu (5 servings)

*Limited to 50 kits per day
Price:​ ​RM110.00

As the premier researchers of tonkotsu ramen, ICHIRAN has developed a new souvenir, featuring a broth that has no tonkotsu, yet still has the umami and taste of our tonkotsusoup.ICHIRAN’sHakata-Style Thin Noodles are one of the highest quality noodles in Japan —the noodles are truly a masterpiece, with a firm, smooth texture and rich flavor.The soup has the authenticity of thick tonkotsu broth without using pork as an ingredient.Those who could not enjoy our tonkotsu ramen before due to a variety of circumstances, feel free to try it.We believe that our fans will love the authenticity of this new, no-pork souvenir.

ICHIRAN Ramen Hakata-style Thin Straight Including Original Spicy Red Seasoning

ICHIRAN Ramen Hakata-style Thin Straight Noodles including Original Spicy Red Seasoning (5 servings)

*Limited to 50 kits per day
Price:​ ​RM108.00

Japan's most-loved ramen restaurant, ICHIRAN, has taken the classic flavors of our famous ramen and re-created it in a kit for an authentic ICHIRAN experience at home! Using our own special techniques, we have created an incredible harmony of flavors between three carefully chosen ingredients: soup broth, noodles, and our Spicy Red Seasoning. This broth has a deep richness and creamy flavor without the strong aroma usually found in pork-bone soup.Withthe rich aroma of our wheat noodles and the delicious spices of our Original Spicy Red Seasoning, this kit creates the ultimate bowl of tonkotsu ramen. Enjoy ICHIRAN’s world famous ramen in the comfort of your own home!

ICHIRAN's Original Spicy Red Seasoning (Can Version)

ICHIRAN's Original Spicy Red Seasoning (Can Version)

Price:​ ​RM43.00

This is no ordinary red pepper seasoning! ICHIRAN’s specialty seasoning is made from the finest hand-selected red peppers from around the world. Each specially selected spice we use is measured to the one-hundredth of a gram for that perfect balance of flavors.

Special Gift! ICHIRAN Exclusive TenuguiTowel


Special gift for the first 50 people to purchase an ICHIRAN Ramen Kit (100% Tonkotsu Free or Hakata-Style) each day.
Made exclusively for this event, the towel features the ICHIRAN logo and a Malaysia inspired design for the year 2020.

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