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100% Tonkotus Free Ramen: The Secret Origin Story

Ramen soup has basic flavors such as soy sauce, salt, and miso, but there are also soups made from chicken and seafood. ICHIRAN's craftsmen have the knowledge and the skill to create any kind of noodles or soup. They are continuously conducting research to create the most delicious tonkotsu ramen. During their research, our craftsmen succeeded in creating a rich-tasting soup that does not use any pork.

ICHIRAN has heard from some customers that "they are curious about ICHIRAN's passion for ramen, but they cannot eat pork." Our craftsmen have listened to those wishes and concentrated their efforts into creating a ramen that not only focuses on customers who love tonkotsu ramen, but can also give others a chance experience ICHIRAN's passion for ramen.

Our tonkotsu-free soup was born from that passion for research. Now more customers can enjoy the ICHIRAN experience.

After more than 20 years, we can now offer a classic tonkotsu ramen that is a "100%Tonkotsu-Free Ramen." Please try this delicious, new ramen that was created from our passion for quality and flavors after many years of research and development.

*We do NOT use halal certified chicken or beef.
*This is NOT halal ramen.
*This ramen contains no pork, but is made in the same facilities that makes The Classic Tonkotsu Ramen (pork-bone broth).


100% Tonkotsu-Free Soup

Our broth is a chicken-based soup made from a mix of various ingredients. Simmered slowly for hours, our craftsmen take their time to carefully skim off all the excess oil in the soup. This ramen does not contain a single pork ingredient. Without using pork, we relied on the skills gained from years of experience of our soup craftsmen to create a creamy, yet rich-tasting broth. The key to the flavor of the broth in our 100% Tonkotsu-Free Ramen is the Dashi. Our Dashi does not contain any ingredients that have alcohol, such as soy sauce or mirin. Without relying on such seasonings, we are able to bring out the natural umami flavors from each of our ingredients. Our 100% Tonkotsu-Free broth is the culmination of all the expertise ICHIRAN has gained through many years of research into creating the best tonkotsu broth.

Hiden no Tare (Spicy Red Sauce)

Original Spicy Red Sauce

ICHIRAN was the first to create the Original Spicy Red Sauce. It is a mix of 30 different ingredients with our own blend of peppers as a base, and aged for several days and nights. The Original Spicy Red Sauce served in this restaurant was created especially for our 100% Tonkotsu-Free Ramen.


ICHIRAN Specialty Noodles [Fresh Noodle Guarantee]

ICHIRAN Specialty Noodles [Fresh Noodle Guarantee] At the start of each day, we check the properties of our wheat flour to decide on a particular blend for our unique house-made noodles. These blends of wheat flour are specially chosen based on many factors such as the weather, atmosphere, and humidity. This results in noodles made with a different blend of flour each day. We also adjust the temperature of the water used according to the season, allowing us to produce the highest quality noodles year round. These noodles are then carefully stored in specially designed containers to prevent exposure to air, which can affect its freshness and flavor. Despite the large demand for ramen at our restaurants, our noodles are produced in limited quantities in order protect its freshness and quality. We have also developed our own unique noodle boilers with programmed sensors to maintain the optimum temperature for boiling our house-made noodles. Since delicious noodles require the purest water, each boiler is equipped with devices that maintain the quality of the water used to cook the noodles. Our incredibly fresh noodles are developed to be the most delicious ramen noodles. Fresh and delicate, they quickly absorb the flavors of the soup, changing flavor every second. To ensure our guests have the most delicious experience possible, we promise to serve every bowl of ramen within fifteen seconds of the noodles hitting the soup. The size of our restaurants are even designed to fulfill that promise. We call this our “Fresh Noodle Guarantee.” Most ramen noodles are shaken with great force to drain excess water, however our noodles are very delicate. We strictly limit the number of times we strain the noodles to three. Any more will damage our noodles. To provide you with the most delicious bowl of tonkotsu ramen, we dedicate ourselves to taking the greatest care with each and every bowl we make.


100%とんこつ不使用ラーメンには、チャーシューではなく「牛弥郎(ぎゅうやろ)」を乗せて提供いたします。 「牛弥郎(ぎゅうやろ)」は、牛バラを特殊な製法で煮込んだふわふわとした食感が特徴で、とんこつ不使用ラーメンとの調和を考えた味わいに仕上げております。


How to EAT

ラーメンは一杯ずつ作り、最も食べ頃でお出ししておりますので、お連れ様を待たずにお召し上がりください。まず麺とスープを隅の方から三、四口味わってください。その後「赤い秘伝のたれ」を徐々に溶かしていくのがおすすめです。「一蘭特製生麺」に「100%とんこつ不使用スープ」をよく絡め味わうことで、スープと麺の調和を存分に感じていただけます。 博多ならではの食文化「替玉」も、ぜひお楽しみください。替玉に少量かかっている「出汁」と麺をよく混ぜ、まずはスープに入れず、そのまま一口味わってください。噛みしめるごとに麺の甘味と香りをご堪能いただけます。その後、残ったスープに麺を入れてお召し上がりください。替玉の注文は、はじめの麺を半分食べ終えた頃にすると、麺を食べ終わる丁度よいタイミングで運ばれてきます。

"Continue to evolve the taste"

Full of the Ichiran Ramen deeply dug deeply, now SUN Akira than the SUN, Akira SUN Myogo than the SUN we continue to pursue and taste. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that this taste is not a finished product and starts from here. We will continue to research and take on the challenge of further evolving the taste and Ramen

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