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ICHRIAN Wagakudan



The ICHIRAN Japanese Music Band performs at this restaurant every day.

We hold daily performances to pray for the health and safety of the people of Fukuoka as well as visitors to the region. The performers are all chosen from among our restaurant staff, and together, they form the ICHIRAN Japanese Music Band. The band members, usually clad in red uniforms, don brightly colored clothing to perform, filling the streets of Nakasu with the music of traditional Japanese instruments and bringing happiness to everyone in the audience. Don't miss the chance to listen to ICHIRAN's original songs, which are both cheerful and moving.

ICHRIAN WAGAKUDAN Concert announcement


ICHIRAN Souhonten -Headshop & Office-



Performance music

5 original ICHIRAN songs

*Performances are subject to weather related rescheduling or cancellation without notice.
*Start and finish times may vary depending on the time of the sunset.


田中美奈/飯野知依里/吉嶺健司/王露弓/八雲/MASH/坪川由梨/水戸/柴田鮎美/朋佳/ミヨカ/Inu Man/NekoMan/まっつー/高橋七海/ゆーき。/RiNa/華蓮/Leo/大田 彩花/大聖

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