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  • Definitely give this a try if you don't want to wait in line.(ICHIRAN Fast Entry)


[ICHIRAN Fast Entry] is a service we provide for people who are in a hurry.

You can CUT THE LINE! if you purchase the package below:Please try it.
*Available products may vary by restaurant.

Participating stores

How it Works

  • ​ ​Purchase a gift set from the gift counter.
    * [Fast Entry] is a service for customers who purchase more than a certain amount of items.
  • Customer receives a "Gift Exchange Ticket".
    * After purchasing your gifts, our staff will hold onto them for you so that you may enter the restaurant without any heavy packages.
  • Customer is seated by our staff.
  • Customer enjoys their meal.
  • Customer returns to the gift counter and passes the "Gift Exchange Ticket" to our staff.
    Our staff will pass the customer's purchased gifts to them.


1 Purchase the certain amount of gifts.
2 Get priority seating in the restaurant.
3 Enjoy ramen.
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