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2020年3月17日 02:59 PM

TO OUR VALUED GUESTS, The health and wellness of our diners and team members is always our top priority. In response to the ongoing health and safety recommendations of the CDC, WHO, and local public health officials, ICHIRAN has implemented the following procedures to protect our team and guests:

Hand Washing/Gargling

  • All restaurant staff are required to wash their hands and/or gargle at least once an hour as per our usual standards
  • Administrative staff are required to wash their hands before starting their work and when returning to the office from a visit outside

Monitoring of Individual Health

  • Confirmation of any coughing or fever from any restaurant team members at the start of every shift . Body temperature will be checked if requested and team member sent home if found to have a fever
    * Team member will self-quarantine for at least 14 days after visiting their primary health care provider (if applicable)

Disinfection Procedures

  • Alcohol based disinfection solutions are used in all restaurants
  • Hourly (or more frequent) disinfection of high-touch surfaces (tablets, door handles, etc.)
  • Cleaning/Disinfection Checklist will be made available for guests to view
  • Hand sanitizer will be placed at all restaurant entrances
  • Team members are required to wear gloves at all times
  • By request, we will wipe down any table areas with alcohol based sanitizer for before our guests sit down

Additional Measures

  • Identify employees who have traveled to areas heavily impacted by COVID-19
    * Those who have traveled to heavily impacted areas have a high possibility of coming into close contact with people who may have been infected.These employees will be asked to self-quarantine for 14 days at home before returning to work

Organization-Wide Measures

Cleaning and Disinfection

  • Frequent cleaning and disinfection of high-touch surfaces and areas by all employees in accordance to our disinfection checklist. All our kitchens, guest seats & booths, offices and production facility areas will undergo regular and thorough cleaning and disinfection

Working from Home

  • Administrative staff will migrate to working from home

Staggered Shifts & Work Hours

  • Employees who must work in the office due to the nature of their work will be encouraged to stagger their work hours using our existing flextime system to work during less busy hours

Additional Measures

  • All staff events and gatherings will be postponed
  • All employees are encouraged to refrain from participating in events with large groups of people
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