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Original Goods

For all who want to enjoy ICHIRAN's delicious flavor at home!Here we present ICHIRAN's Original Goods!
Since our foundation in 1960, our experts have dedicatedly researched flavor. Our Original Goods are the result of all that experience and skills.
They have made that professional deliciousness easy to make for everyone.
Enjoy ICHIRAN's flavor with your love ones, surprise that special person with a unique ICHIRAN's experience, or give yourself a treat ICHIRAN's style.


  • ICHIRAN Ramen
  • ICHIRAN Ramen
  • 一蘭ラーメンプレミアムパッケージ
    *Premium Package

ICHIRAN ramen is a limited sales item available only in the Fukuoka shop. We do not do mail order.


Thinking first of ICHIRAN customers who are particular about taste, we have made good taste our highest research priority. We mix very rare and expensive seasonings in a golden ratio.
We have always made taste our highest priority, insisting on a rich fragrance and a springy texture.


とんこつ特有の臭みを抑え、美味しさだけを最大限に引き出したスープです。 これまで培ってきた独自の技術と長年の研究により、常識を覆す洗練されたとんこつスープの開発に成功いたしました。

ICHIRAN's Spicy Red Dry Sauce

You cannot find this kind of red-pepper spice anywhere else! It is a blend of various spices, with red pepper as a base, mixed in the very best condition. Blended and adjusted repeatedly, it is made with exquisite balance using our own techniques.


wheat,dairy products,pork,chicken,soy beans,sesame

We have long been doing research at our own research lab. However, since there is a limit to the taste that can be created with instant noodles, our company directors steadfastly refused to make this. "If you make me groan, I'll consider it." As the result of many years of research, we have developed soup powder, which can be tried with dried noodles. Swallowing one mouthful of soup, Yoshitomi moaned. "Who would have thought that instant food could be this good. I bow my head." However, at this point, the vice-president of the company said, "I think that fried noodles might be a good with this soup." Research continued further, and finally fried noodles were developed that balanced well with the soup. Taste trials were, of course, a "pass." In this manner, it was decided to make a product of instant noodles.

Kamadare Tonkotsu

  • 1食:790円

  • 1箱(3食入):2,200円

* This link is in Japanese only

The broth that results from making "pot-boiled roast pork" is used by craftspeople with many years of experience, working exclusively for our company, to make "pot sauce." This gives pig bone soup an even deeper savor and rich fragrance.
We have now developed these as products for use at home. For those living alone and wanting a late-night meal, try !as a snack for students! Enjoy our Premium Tonkotsu Ramen -Kamadare Style- at home, a delicacy only served at ICHIRAN Tenjin Nishidori & Canal City Hakata.




  • ストレート麺

* This link is in Japanese only

"とんこつラーメンを世界一研究する会社"として長い歳月をかけ試作を重ねた末に その名に値するおみやげ商品が完成いたしました。 一蘭が開発した博多ならではの細麺は、日本中のどの麺にも勝るとも劣らない麺でコシに優れツルミがあり、のど越しが良く風味豊かな逸品です。 スープは、臭みがなくとんこつ本来の美味しさと味の厚みを感じる本格派です。 ぜひご家庭でその美味しさを存分にご堪能ください。

付属している『赤い秘伝の粉』とは 単なる一味ではありません。 唐辛子をベースに様々なスパイスを最高の状態で配合しております。 幾度も配合・微調整を繰り返し、独自の技術により絶妙なバランスに仕上げました。


Soup : wheat, pork, soy beans
Noodles : wheat
ICHIRAN's Original Red Dry Sauce:None

ICHIRAN's Spicy Red Dry Sauce

  • 1箱(20袋入):690円

* This link is in Japanese only

単なる一味ではありません。 唐辛子をベースに様々なスパイスを最高の状態で配合しております。
We get an exquisite balance by blending and finely adjusting again and again, using our own unique technology.


It does not contain any of the seven main allergens.

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